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Home Energy Improvements & SEAI Grants

Home Energy

If you are considering some home energy improvements e.g. Insulation, new windows, replacement boiler and controls and are unsure as to which measures might offer you the best return on investment then we can help you decide this. We will perform a provisional BER cert calculation and let you know the improvement to the overall rating should you undertake from a menu of possible options. For some of these improvements grant aid is available from SEAI and we can help you decide which ones might be suitable foir your dwelling.


The Better Energy Homes scheme provides grant aid to homeowners towards upgrades of roof insulation, wall insulation and heating systems.  In order to measure the impact of the Better Energy programme, SEAI has introduced a requirement for homeowners to undertake a BER after the upgrade works have been completed.  This BER is a standard BER, undertaken in accordance with the prevailing guidelines for BER of existing homes. The BER assessment is to be completed by assessors further to a site visit after Better Energy works have been completed, and carried out strictly within the rules provided in the BER Assessor’s Code of Practice, the DEAP Methodology and the DEAP Survey Guide. The BER will reflect the actual energy rating of the house following installation of Better Energy upgrade works, and must be published on the National Database of BER certs.