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Building Design Compliance

When a new building (Residential or Commercial) is sold from plans or occupied for the first time a BER cert and test for Building Regulations Part L Compliance must be performed. For this reason a provisional BER cert and test for building regulations should be performed when the building is being designed and in any case before construction commences. The timing is important as it is often necessary to modify the design of the building and include renewable technologies to ensure that it will pass the building regulations requirements for Energy Efficiency (known as part L).A provisional cert and part L compliance report is issued prior to construction and once the building is complete then a final inspection takes place to ensure that it was built according to the design and a final BER cert and Part L Compliance report are issued.

Commercial Energy Ratings has an acquired expertise built up since 2009 in doing these analysis for both commercial and residential properties, Our experience has taught us that especially for commercial buildings, this process can take quite some time to clarify and incorporate all elements of the design so please consult us at an early stage in the development.

We are happy to advise you on any aspect of the above so please call us today.