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Commercial BER Certs

A Commercial BER Cert is required when a non domestic property is to be sold, let or inhabited for the first time.

Commercial Energy Ratings is the largest Commercial BER Assessor in Ireland and we specialise in all types of commercial properties from small shops to large hotels and industrial campuses's. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page for any queries that you may have, alternatively call or email us directly.

We Provide Commercial BER's for the following

  • Commercial Office Blocks
  • Single Offices
  • Apartment Blocks
  • Industrial & Warehouses
  • Retail units & Restaurants
  • Car Showrooms
  • Shopping Centres
  • Supermarkets
  • Nursing Homes
  • Surgeries
  • Hotels & Public Houses
  • Sports & Leisure centres
  • Display Energy Certs (DEC for public buildings)

A Commercial BER Cert is required whenever a Commercial property or unit therein is offered for sale or letting. At Commercial Energy Ratings we issue several thousand BER Certs per year so we are best placed to provide your BER in a speedy and cost effective manner.

To prepare a Commercial BER cert one of our Assessors will visit your property and conduct an indepth on site survey. During the Assessment the property is measured and drawn and areas of walls, ceilings, floors & window and door openings are also noted. The Assessor will investigate insulation, materials of construction, glazing, heating, hot water and lighting systems. The BER survey is a non intrusive survey i.e. we are not permitted to drill holes in walls or dismantle panels to investigate levels of insulation so if this infomration is not readily visible or documented in a specific format then the assessor will apply defaults based on SEAI guidelines.

Once the survey is complete our Assessors will work on the assessment back in the office. They will draw the unit using computer aided software to ensure accuracy then they will work out the area of each floor, ceiling, roof, wall, window and door along with their materials of construction and age band. Once this has been done the assessor will create a model for the unit using the SEAI approved software and will enter other details for the building including the heating, hot water and lighting systems.

When all information has been entered and checked, the programme is run and a resulting rating is calculated. The ratings are assigned from A1 to G with A1 being the best rating. In addition to a BER Cert, an Advisory report is also required to be produced. The Advisory report is automatically generated from the SEAI approved software application and the assessor has limited editorial rights over the report.

Examples of both Commercial BER certs and Advisory Reports are available here

Example Commercial BER Cert

Example Commercial Advisory report