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Display Energy Certificates DEC's

From the 9th January 2013 publicly and privately owned buildings over 500m2, frequently visited by the public or from 9th July 2015 buildings greater than 250m2 occupied by public bodies,  are required to exhibit a DEC, in a prominent place, clearly visible to the public. The DEC is intended to encourage public authorities to adopt environmentally responsible and efficient use of energy in buildings.

The DEC is based on the measured energy use, where the actual energy consumed in the building is compared to a benchmark for similar buildings, and shown on the certificate A1 - G scale in terms of primary energy. There is also a CO2 indicator which shows the CO2 emissions associated with the building's energy consumption. 

The DEC procedure involves the collection of all relevant data required to produce the certificate by the registered DEC Assessor. The data is entered ih an online tool and the DEC is generated by SEAI. Once the relevant party receives the DEC, it must be displayed in a prominent place. The certificate displays the grade awarded, an energy performance indicator, a CO2 performance indicator, histograms of trends in energy, primary electrical and heating energy per unit, a building identifier, basic building technical information, period of validity of the DEC, a unique DEC number and DEC Assessor number.

Commercial Energy Ratings have been producing DEC's since 2009, please call us to discuss any requirements you may have